Versatile Accent Colors for your Capsule Wardrobe photo taken by Alexandra Gorn

Versatile Accent Colors for Your Capsule Wardrobe

Unless you’re a minimalist french chic queen, which I sure as hell am not, neutral colors are the oatmeal of your wardrobe. That is to say some people like them- I don’t- and can be made much better with some added extras. If you work on a capsule wardrobe accent colors can be the saving grace for your wardrobe sanity.

Blush Pink

Simple, feminine, elegant: blush is a totally versatile color. No, like seriously. If you wear it wrong (or right I guess? it’s subjective) you can look like a toddler. Or you can look like a professional. Blush pink pieces are sleek, versatile and often very professional.

Court Shoes in Blush by Everlane Harlow Cami in Blush by Whimsy and Row The Tiered Wrap Dress in Blush by Vetta Capsule Day Market Tote in Rose by Everlane Japanese Go Weave V-Neck Tee in Rose by Everlane Linen Shirt in Chalky Pink by Boden

Golden Yellow

I’ve always loved the color yellow. Happy, cheerful, reminds you of a good day. Some shades look rather tacky if worn wrong, but golden yellow is a perfect color. It’s right between a warm brown and a too happy yellow- happy, harvesty a bit motherly. It always makes me think of Demeter, you know? Out of all the yellow colors, I’d recommend this one as the most versatile.

Kona Twist Front Tee in Safflower by AmourVert Suki Waterproof Coat in Safflower by Boden Ketton Wide Leg Pants in Saffron by Boden Sweater in Mustard Yellow by Everlane Sweet Dress in Ochre by Reformation Seersucker Balloon Sleeve Tee in Daffodil by Cuyana

Poppy Red

A bold, preppy and a rather chic color, poppy red is a classic you can’t really go wrong with. Unless you like more of a subtle color, then I’d recommend blush pink. Truly though red is a stunning and attention-grabbing color for those of you who like the spotlight just a bit more.

Amelia Crew Cardigan in Postbox Red by Boden Japanese Go Weave Essential Jumpsuit in Haute Red by Everlane Cerise Dress in Cherry by Reformation Fitted Turtleneck in Poppy Red by Kotn Richmond Pants in Postbox Red by Boden The Day Heel in Bright Red by Everlane

So, what are your favorite accent colors?

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