Best Eco-Friendly Baby Gifts for $50 and Under

For a long time I had this weird “anti-baby” campaign going in my head where I was like “I don’t like babies, I never want kids they’re nothing but annoying and they make messes” which, admittedly, is true to an extent. But, as time went on, I ended up changing my mind and now adore spending time with kids. That’s not to say, in any way, that people who say they don’t want kids and will change their mind, but, that’s what happened with me.

So now, the idea of a cute little baby enjoying a present I give them (I really enjoy giving presents, I talk about that in this post here) is something that makes me happy. And, to round it all out, if the baby is young enough, a present for them can be a present for the parents too.

But here’s the thing, babies are not great at controlling their limbs and will frequently just pick things up and shake them, drool on them and do all sorts of damage. Plus their toys last a limited time. A toy for a baby might last a year, maybe even two, but will not be a lifetime.

So to be honest the best toy you can get is one that is either 1. recycled and fragile-ish so you’re not wasting materials which will really only be suitable for one child or 2. hardy and sustainable such as wooden toys which can be passed on for literal generations.

$10 or less

$25 or less

Easy Scrap Quilt

Your batting may not be 100% eco-friendly. The cheapest more or less eco friendly was Kyoto half bamboo half cotton from the Fat Quarter shop at 14.99. If you’re okay with paying more you can buy 100% wool, totally natural and organic wool batting at about $33 a yard from Home of Wool on Etsy or you can get 100% wool and natural batting at $25 for 55″ x 98″ (more than enough – in fact you could get 2 baby quilts outta that) at $25 from SugarLoafWoolMillLLC on Etsy.

$50 or less

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